Miyanoura1256-1,Yakushima Phone:0997-42-2766
Email: i-takahashi@wine.ocn.ne.jp 
          Welcome to
   Guest House  Ryojyo no Yado in Yakushima

Welcome to the Guest House "Ryojyo no Yado" !
"Ryojyo no Yado" is a budget guest house in the Yakushima Island.

The name of "Ryojyo no Yado” comes from the word of "traveler's sentiments".
We would like to console the weary heart of travelers. If you feel comfortable and sentiments during your stay at our guest house, we are very happy.

 Our Guest House  

You can access from our Guest House "Ryojyo no Yado" to the seeing points in the Yakushima island easily. Because our Guest House is located near the Ferry-port, bus stop and down town area at Miyanoura. It takes only 5 minutes by car to get there and 20 minutes on foot.


Price Cut Campain:
     until 24th April , 2016

If you stay more than 2days
  or you stay with a car or bicycle (without pick up),  

\ 3,000/ 1 person

\ 1,200/ 1 person
Usual Rates:


\ 3,500/ 1 person   

\ 1,500/ 1 person
Discounts available for long term stay.(The length of stay must be arranged in advance.)


Reservation by Emile: i-takahashi@wine.ocn.ne.jp
Reception desk: 0997-42-2766, 090-4929-5895 (country code +81)
Fax: 0997-42-2766
Open: 9:00~23:00

Check In: 14:00~(call us! respond to consultation)
Check Out:~10:00

Address: Miyanoura1256-1,Yakushima-cho,Kagoshima, 891-4205


  4 Japanese-style
  4 Western-style
○ Seperated toilet rooms for male and female.(shared, not in each room)
○ Separated bathrooms (shower rooms) for male and female. (shared, not in each room)
  Included free shampoo, hair conditioner and bodysoap.
○ Free Laundry
  One fully automatic washing machine and one dryer. (Included free washing powder)
○ Free Air conditioned (Every room)
○ Free TV (Every room)
○ Free Bicycles (two)



4 Japanese-style
4 Western-style


Our guest house, "Ryojyo no Yado" is located at foot of mountain, 5 minutes by car and 20 minutes walk from Miyanoura Ferry-port, down town area at Miyanoura. If you need, we will pick you up at Miyanoura Ferry-port.